Join the conversation on how to break cultural taboo's on mental health.

Online Event: Tuesday, March 23rd, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Est


    Live presentation & Q&A with our guest speaker(s).

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Guest Speaker: Alethia Cadore
Registered Psychotherapist

Meet our featured guest speakers Cayo Whyte & Alethia Cadore.

Cayo Whyte & Alethia Cadore are Mental Health Specialist that will be part of the conversation.

The presence of negative social stigma around mental health makes it difficult for many black families to seek help. Instead of seeking debilitating emotional problems, they may self-medicate, which is especially problematic among black families since mental health problems are often left untreated.

The event's objective is to have a candid conversation on some of the following :

💬Generational stigma to mental health and how that has affected our youth.

💬Exploring the history and discovering solutions to help a family heal from past trauma.

💬How to navigate seeking help with mental health.

If you are hurt, you are not weak, start the conversation for your healing process.

Join the conversation on how to break the stigma of mental health by clicking on the link and saving your spot.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Guest Speaker: Cayo Whyte
Registered Social Worker