"Grief is universal but the pain is personal."

Online Event: Wednesday, March 17th, 6pm - 7:30pm Est

Tragically, grief is intrinsically linked to a loved one's loss.

Our understanding of grief needs to broaden. Many of us don't realize that we are grieving right now.

During our upcoming event, we are going to talk about the many types of losses that trigger an emotional response, the duration, depth, and complexity of these responses vary from person to person.

Many types of losses hurt in ways that are difficult to handle and can impair one’s ability to move

forward. These losses are often significant enough to require a significant amount of processing,

which leads to grievers attempting to visualize their lives before and after the loss.


Here are some events that can evoke feelings of loss and grief:

Change of lifestyle

Illness or Injury

Shift or weakening of the family/support system

Loss of employment or another role



Loss of home

Marital discord



Heading 1