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Aug 22, 12:00 AM EDT
Virtual Summit

Your greatest wealth is your health and you must start now... 

Welcome to 6 Days of Your Health Summit

If you came here, you know that your health matters and we are so glad that you have found us.

It is important to decide if you are willing to accept personal responsibility for your health & wellbeing. If you think of the impact of how your current health will affect your future self, what does that look like?

Right now, our overall wellbeing in every aspect of our lives is being challenge.


We, as a society, are emotionally, mentally, and financially drained.

Discover our panel of 36 exceptional guest speakers, who are volunteering their time to providing actionable items, in the areas of: mental, physical, financial, business, sexual, and  spiritual & alternative health. The conversations and advice they provide, will provide you with tools you can immediately apply in your daily life

We are here to make a difference.

Are you ready to discover solutions?

6 days of your health summit

The first step to you getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are.

In only 6 days you can really change your life. 

Discover ways to heal from past and current traumas.

Learn to have the uncomfortable conversations with yourself and others.

Find tools & solutions that will aid in your health journey.

Identify the tools to gain control of your finance.

Obtain the tools you need to succeed in your business.


Recognize the triggers that heighten negative habits and gain insights on how to break them. 

Psychologist Session

Day 1

Saturday August 22 - 2020

Mental Health

Love Yourself

Day 2

Sunday August 23 - 2020

Sexual Health

Reiki Treatment

Day 3

Monday August 24 2020

Spiritual & Alternative Health

Business Consultation

Day 4

Tuesday August 25 - 2020

Business Health

Financial Report

Day 5

Wednesday August - 26 - 2020

Financial Health


Day 6

Thursday August 27 202

Physical Health


What makes the 6 Days Of Your Health Summit Remarkable?

Our 6 Days Of Your Health Virtual Summit will help you discover how to be come a stronger version of yourself.

In 6 days, with 36 phenomenal professional panelist's, you will learn strategies to break through challenges that you are facing; so that you can create the life you know that you deserve.

And to help you achieve a healthier version of yourself, our 6 Days Of Your Health Virtual Summit is absolutely free with no strings attached.

Yes, $1500 value for free!

If you are looking for interaction, register for the VIP ALL Day Access Pass,to ask questions to the 36 guest speakers. If not, join us for FREE today.

Mo Akins



Mo is a certified fitness specialist who is passionate about creating dynamic platforms that aids in overall wellness. She is the Founder of Living Your Best Life Fitness, the host of her own podcast called Health Your Own Way, and is passionate about making a difference in people's lives. ​Mo also competes in fitness competitions and is a nationally qualified powerlifter.​ In addition to her fitness career, she holds her B.A. in Political Science and a Project Management Profession (PMP) designation.


Learn from 36 incredible guest speakers that want to see you succeed!

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Investing in your community 

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Who should RSVP for a FREE ticket to the 6 Days Of Your Health Summit?

Anyone that is looking to discover solutions that will aid in becoming a healthier version of themselves.

Is the 6 Days Of Your Health Summit really free?

Yes. The videos are completely free to view for 24 hours. After that you need the VIP all access pass.

What's the catch?

There. Is. No. Catch. We believe you’ll think the information presented by our 36 exceptional panel of experts is insightful, needed, and honest insight without holding back – that we think you’ll pay to take part of our panel Q & A.

How do I watch The Summit?

Simply click here to claim your free ticket. You should immediately get an email confirming your registration. You can view The Summit on any phone, tablet, or computer. If you have your free ticket, here is how to access the videos.

I can't make it to the daily events but I really want to check out - can I get a recording?

Sorry, after 24 hours there is only one way to see our 6 Days Of Your Health Summit – via our VIP all access premium pass, In addition to preimum offers from our guest speakers,this Premium Pass will allow you to participate in our daily Q&A sessions with our panel of experts.

When does the event take place?

6 Days of Your Health Summit will kick off on Saturday August 22 to Thursday August 27.

What is a VIP All Access Premium Pass?

The "VIP All Access Pass" is an all inclusive ticket to the event, which will allow you to ask additional questions to our 36 outstanding guest panel speakers.

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